Serge Nubret – A never forgotten Icon

Born in 1958 in Guadeloupe, Serge Nubret was a French professional bodybuilder who devoted his life to the field. He not only won accolades as a bodybuilder but also worked to promote bodybuilding. Weighing around 220lbs, the bodybuilder had a height of around 5ft. After completing his accounting studies in 1958, he decided that bodybuilding was his true calling and decided to pursue his passion.

A look on his career

Within 2 years of starting his training, Serge began expressing his interest in taking part in championships, which had startled many. He was, however, firm on his path. True to his words, in 1960, he joined the International Federation of Bodybuilders and went on to win the title of World’s Most Muscular Man in Montreal. From that moment on, there was no turning back. He went on to win some of the most prestigious awards in the field. The titles that he claimed included NABBA Pro Mr. Universe in 1976 (London), WBBG Pro Mr. World and Mr. Olympus in 1977 (New York) and another World Champion title in 1981 (Geneva). He became a WABBA World Champion in Rome, which was his fifth major title). Other achievements that he managed to attain include getting the second place at NABBA Pro Mr. Universe in 1964, 3rd position in IFBB Mr. Olympia in 1972 and 2nd position in WBBG Mr. Olympus in 1976. In 2003, at the age of 65, he made his final public show in the World Championships in France (Gravelines).

He went on to become the head of France and Europe IFBB bodybuilding federation during the years of 1970 to 1975. He is the one who founded WABBA to ensure athletes receive the support they require. In addition to his role in the field of bodybuilding, he was also a movie actor who featured in as many as 23 movies. He was an author as well.

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His training and workout routine

According to Serge, he used to train with 30/40/50 sets for each body part with 16 sets of arms two times a week. He used to go for 12 to 20 reps, taking a break of 30 seconds between the sets. He used to refrain from training with heavy weights and used to do maximum 220 kg bench press and would never go for more than 70 to 100 kg for other purposes. He was very strict about his workout routine and would never miss a day at the gym. According to him, it was discipline that managed to get him all that he had achieved. Serge always ate maximum protein food as many times a day as possible, no strict diet plan, let’s count this for an old school diet.

After he had bidden farewell to bodybuilding and shows, he continued to extend his training advice and launched his website. He was strictly against the use of steroids and did not refrain from commenting against the practice from time to time. His training videos are considered among the most beneficial ones to date and the milestones that he managed to attain are an inspiration for many.

The bodybuilder fell into a coma in 2009 and breathed his last in the year of 2011 due to natural causes.

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Serge Nubret and his fiance

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