Rob Riches – A name every bodybuilder knows

Rob Riches is a name that requires no introduction. Over the past 4 years, he has managed to attain quite a few accolades for his impeccable performance in the field of fitness training, there is no workout fan who doesn’t know him . Aged 25, Rob Riches has acquired certifications of NASM-CPT, YMCA, and REPs. With a height of 5’10, he weighs around 180lbs and has the kind of muscles that would make quite a few envious.

When we take a look at the achievements that he has managed to attain in his field, his track record does seem remarkable. He has participated in 18 bodybuilding and fitness shows. Among them, he has emerged victorious in 8 and managed to get second position in 6. In the rest of the competitions, he never ranked lower than the fourth position.

The first competition that he participated in was the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation (BNBF) Central Qualifier, Novice conducted in 2005 in which he was allotted first place. Other notable competitions that he managed to attain first place include the likes of Natural Physique Association (NPA) Heart of England Championships (Middleweight 2006), Musclemania World Finals (Junior Lightweight) and America’s Fittest Model conducted in 2008 (where he won Howard Flaks ‘Best Body’ award).

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The diet plan he follows

Rob believes that in order to attain a muscular and lean physique, it is important to follow a strict diet plan. He follows a diet that constitutes complex carbohydrates, healthy sources of lean proteins, and fiber. On an ordinary day, he would start his mornings with a cup of black coffee taken with water followed by oats, eggs, and whey protein. Before and after workout routine, he indulges in a protein smoothie to make sure that hunger does not disturb him for the next few hours. Throughout the day, he takes his meals in small portions that on average are numbered to around 6 meals and include vitamins, vegetables, fish, and fruit. Other than that, he also makes use of supplements at various times of the day.

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His journey as a fitness and workout trainer

Rob Riches commenced his training at the age of 14. It was when he was in high school that he first developed an interest in fitness. He was impressed with the bodies that he saw in magazines and deiced to dig deeper as to how the body can be within his reach. It was during this period that he attained most of the information regarding fitness and training. During his preparation for his first competition, he was frequently approached by people for assistance in training, and he thus went on to take examinations for training that he aced without requiring any preparation. Since then, there has been no looking back.

He works by understanding the requirements of his client and the time that his client is willing to give to the endeavor. In the beginning, the training sessions tend to focus on burning fats from the body via the diet. Over the years, he has trained celebrities, actors and many more, and his success ratio continues to rise. The workout routine is simple, every day is a muscle group day, he points special attention to chest and biceps.

Rob Riches and his fitness lady

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