Milos Sarcev – Someone to seek inspiration from

Born in 1964, Milos Sarcev is an IFBB bodybuilder. He is rather widely known, particularly for his impressive physique and the symmetry and proportion that his muscles exhibit. With a height of 5 ft 10 inches, Sarcev weighs around 230lbs when he is preparing for an upcoming contest and in the offseason, his average weight is around 245lbs. When we take a closer look at the specifications of his muscle and physique, we find that his arms measure around 21 inches and his waist is 31 inches. His chest measures around 55 inches, while his quadriceps has the measurement of around 30 inches.

Training and workout sessions

Sarcev focuses his attention on the stimulation of muscle fibers during his workout sessions. Three major movements form his workouts. First is that of compound exercises that are performed rather aggressively using heavy weights. Then he performs some exercise routines with moderate weights, opting for sets of 6-12 following the repetition protocol. At the end of his workout, he does multi-exercise sets during which he performs one exercise after the other continuously, taking as little breaks between each routine as possible. All the routines that he performs serve to stimulate type 1 muscle fibers, which are slow twitch, and the fast twitch type 2 a and b muscle fibers.

Sarcev has been known to make use of Synthol (a site enhancement oil) and a similar line of supplements for the purpose of building muscles. He even had a near death experience when he accidently punctured a vein in his triceps while injecting Synthol. This highlights how important it is to be careful when using such supplements. Milos has no special diet plan, he prefers to eat healthy food, especially with high protein.

milos sarcev workout routine

A look at his career

Sarcev started his career professionally with competitions in the year 1988. In that year, he participated in the AAU Mr. Universe, Light-Heavyweight in which he managed to attain the third position. The next year, he participated in the WPF Mr. Universe, Light-Heavyweight in which he emerged victorious. In 1991, he took part in 10 bodybuilding competitions and he managed to be among the top 10 participants in each of these competitions barring one in which he attained the eleventh position. Over the years, he took part in numerous other competitions and managed to be in the top ten in most of them. His last public competition was in the 2003 Grand Prix Hungary in which he attained the sixth position and Night of Champions in which he managed to get the 9th position.

He has launched his own brand of supplements that are all tested and used by him and are available for sale.

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