Marc Fitt, a perfect fitness example workout routine

The 25-year-old fitness model, Marc Fitt, is a well sponsored athlete, public spear, international social activist and an entrepreneur born and raised in southern Montreal, Canada. Marc isn’t someone who speaks about who he is or what he has achieved so far. Instead, he lets his actions speak for themselves. Although only in his early twenties, Marc is doing his best to not only be everywhere, but also of great help to others.

Marc has quickly become a top fitness artist in such a short time. He has inspired millions, or not even more, of people with his results, pictures, articles, videos and quotes. Marc Fitt is not only product for being young, but also for being able to help hundreds of thousands if not millions and for making a health mark in the world that only a few people can. In fact, his online health and fitness, and bodybuilding videos have more than 25 million views on YouTube as Elliot Hulse. More detailed workout routine and diet plan could be found there.

Marc Fitt started training because he realized that it was the best way to push his limits to the maximum. He has always been an athlete from a young age, and decided to take up weight training to earn self-confidence. Initially, Marc did not have much interest in bodybuilding. However, when he started seeing amazing results, bodybuilding training became his way of life. People often feel product about their accomplishments, and this is true for Marc Fitt. His greatest accomplishment so far is being able to help and inspire people.

Marc fitt workout machine

Marc’s Workout Routine plan

Marc has been on high volumes of exercise and repetition. Working out for 1 to 2 hours on a daily completely changed his body. The whole point of exercising, he says, is not only to feel the muscles during the entire workout, but also to gain size and cut. According to Marc Fitt, changing the workout routine once every week shocks the body system, making it super easy to gain and build muscles.

Marc does three exercises: Barbell Curl, DB Arnold Press and Incline DB Press. The Incline DB Press works out the upper chest, and it is the best exercise that pumps one the most. The Barbell Curl workout is best for the biceps, and the DB Arnold Press is a perfect shoulder exercise, which targets the back and the front shoulder.

Born on September 10, 1990
Height – 5”10 ( 1.78 )
Weight – 185 lbs

Giving back to the society

Marc is not only the famous fitness columnist of Global TV in Montreal, but also the Chief Executive Office of Beyond Yourself Clothing. Mar Fitt created the well known BYC foundation to help young orphan children who need help. For every item sold on BYC foundation, Marc donates $2 to Worldwide Orphans, something he enjoys doing.

marc fitt biceps workout at his best

Marc Fitt Today

Marc is not only changing the lives of people by providing online bodybuilding content, but also by providing the best fitness and workout equipment in the market today. Marc Fitt is a proof that nothing is impossible. And, although he started small – from the bottom – at a young age, Marc Fitt success today is a proof that hard work and determination are what anyone ever needs to make their dreams come true.

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      These are three main exercises Marc Fitt shares to be the most effective and efficient in his workout routine. Surely Marc uses a higher exercise variety to obtain that body.

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