James Ellis and his Scientific Methods of Training

Male fitness models are getting a lot of press and attention these days – James Ellis is one of them. He is known for his amazingly fit body and many want to look like him. Here are some insights into his thinking, weight training methods and his diet plan. James Ellis uses what he calls his “Scientific Methods of Training”. After studying anatomy and how different muscles work, he put together a routine which helps him work out most efficiently at the gym. No group is missed and every muscle trained to the max. The diet is simple, the more protein the better. You have to use protein shake every time you lack it from your complete day meals. James Ellis measurements : height 5’11 and weight 181 lbs.

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The Complete James Ellis Workout Routine

Day 1: Back and Biceps

  • Do lateral pull downs and seated rowing to get definition

  • Standing cable to work out the mid trapezius muscles – palms face down and elbow bent at 45º

  • A superset of two exercises for the lower trapezius muscles – high T bar rowing and pivot prone pull

  • Work out upper trapezius muscles with trap dips and shrugs with the standing calf raise

  • Lower back exercise with hyper extension – make sure that the weights are increased slowly

  • Quick biceps routine with standing dumbbell hammer curls and reverse curls on a cable machine

Make sure to do 3 sets of 12 repetitions and 1 to 2 minutes of rest between sets. You will hit all the muscle groups when you do this combination.

Day 3: Chest and Triceps workout

Do a quick burnout routine for triceps – 3 types of tricep exercises. Include hypertrophy training so that all chest exercises are included. Work with a trainer so that all muscle groups in the upper body are exercised to the point of fatigue.

Day 3: Lower Body (Abs and Legs)

Alternate between the following exercises:

  • Leg press or squats

  • Leg extensions combined with leg curls

  • Inner thighs followed by outer thighs

  • Hip flexors and glute kickbacks

  • Standing calf raises followed by the seated calf raises

Day 4: Upper Body/Shoulders routine

  • Shoulder press with dumbbells or barbells, followed by Arnold Presses

  • Supine rear deltoid exercise with cable fly followed by bent over rear dumbbells

  • Lateral raises followed by standing lateral dumbbell raises

  • Wide grip rows done standing on a cable machine.james ellis working hard

Day 5: Bicep and Tricep exercises

  • Close grip presses for triceps, followed by standing bicep curls

  • Tricep kickback and seated hammer bicep curls

  • Reverse tricep press downs with the cable machine followed by reverse grip bicep curls on cable machine

Day 6: Abs

Doing abs with weights will help to get core muscles stronger. Some of the exercises are:

  • Hanging leg raises with weights followed by side knee raises

  • Decline bench crunches with weights followed by side crunches

  • Flutter kicks using bench and followed by planks

Make sure to get plenty of rest between each set of exercises and take Day 7 off completely.

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