French Press an exercise for building a massive triceps

For the good functioning of your body exercise plays an important role. It makes man active and energetic. Our body has to exercise to leave the laziness out from the body. It doesn’t only help your body to function properly but one can see a glow on their face when exercise is add in their daily routine. It makes one healthier and to stay fit, Exercising daily in the morning affects one body more than exercising in the afternoon. There are many different types of exercise for the particular body area. Too much of exercise is also not good for health. If you find any suffocation or restless feeling while exercising you should immediately stop that exercise.

Exercise helps in decreasing your stress hormones and releases different mood enhancing chemicals which let your stress to decrease automatically. Eating healthy food and only dieting doesn’t help you but exercise daily can help your body work actively. Different types of body need different exercise. Now a day everyone wants their body to have perfect shades whether it’s their biceps, triceps, arms or any part of their body.

French press muscle used

French Press – The Exercise

French press exercise is a must one for triceps and commonly done by every guy in a gym, for sure by old-school power lifters and also by young skinny boys. Standing overhead barbell triceps extension is also called as French press exercise. It is a type of exercise specially designed and most popular for triceps. It is basically perform with the help of dumbbells and straight barbell. But mostly preferable one is EZ because it makes you perform more natural to your wrist joints and elbow. Put your elbows and place the barbell correctly above your forehead.

There are many ways one can perform French press exercise, in a sleeping position or seated or standing straight. The lying position one is more difficult because you have to lift and rotate it 90 degrees position. Seated position is same like standing one, but it only requires more strength and ability.

When you lift the bar you should exhale and when you bring down the bars inhale. For a beginner he should start up with less weight and once he is comfortable in balancing he can add on.

Any wrestler knows that not only biceps is essential but also triceps, as it makes 2/3 of your hand size. And they have French press exercise add to their daily routine workout. While performing this one should have grip with their hand. If you have bigger triceps automatically your arms will look big. Its working on triceps is equally important.

It is an advanced kind of exercise. You should be careful of your head while performing this exercise. One can get more range of motion by sitting halfway on the bench and performing it. Always be alert while trying this workout.

Never cheat or try to do this exercise fast, it may hurt you.

french press

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