Franco Columbu, friend Arni and Mr. Olympia Title

Franco is a well-known bodybuilder of all time. The Italian actor is a former champion body builder, and he is known for being the World’s Strongest Man competitor in the history of humankind. Franco started his journey to bodybuilding way back when he was an athletic boxer. He progressed into the Olympics, winning the title Mr. Olympia in Weightlifting as in powerlifting and also bodybuilding. Although he is shorter than most of the top bodybuilding models in the world today, Columbu did not let that hinder him from achieving what he believed he would: widespread success in bodybuilding, thousands of followers and great interest to his workout routine and diet plan.

Franco’s participation in the first World’s Strongest Man competition yielded him great results. Considering that he weighed less than all his competitors, taking the fifth position was a great achievement. Franco also took part in the refrigerator competition, which required a downhill race. However, Franco stumbled, and he was seriously injured. Although he got a million dollar compensation after a court settlement, the doctors said that he was never going to walk again.

Later, it turned out that he could recover, and he was able to walk again after three years. After his recovery, Franco met with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who to date is his long-term friend. Franco was encouraged to come to the United States of America by Joe Weider, a bodybuilding guru, who sponsored them every week. Together they created great workout routine which leads body to complete strength. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu workout together for decent time of their lifes. Both of them had strict diet plan, which included huge amounts of protein.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu combo workout
Franco Columbus Weight Loss System (Machine)

Franco developed a weight loss system to help people with bodybuilding. Do not wait until it is too late. You can start Franco’s plan to train and build your body today. The new exercise machine will help work every part of your body, helping you accomplish more than you would using many other devices. Known as Winning Body Shaper, this machine can sculpt muscles and reduce fat in any part of the body as desired.

Designed by Dr. Franco Columbu, this program is not only the most efficient, but also the best, shortest workout program for men and women alike. This program targets many parts of the body including the thighs, stomach and hips. His experience as a long-term nutritionist makes it possible for Dr. Franco to help men and women alike get the workout results that they expect. He also created a durable workout machine that only weighs four pounds. New as well as intermediate bodybuilders can use can use this machine to work out their body parts.

Dr. Franco also has training programs for starters, intermediate and advanced bodybuilders. These programs help men and women alike to exercise specific body parts accordingly. Below is a brief description of Franco’s offer to those who want to lose weight, build muscles and look fit.
Short workout exercise programs for all body parts.
There are routine programs to help bodybuilders lose weight and build muscles.
There is a health program to help you to not only lose weight, but also maintain a good shape and look your best, consist of diet plan, special fitness workout routine and motivation tips.
The training program by Franco helps you to be healthy, stay in great shape and look more defined than before. This is your best chance to not only look younger, but also to live longer.

Franco Colombu Arnold Approved

Columbu at his best

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