An Insanely Perfect Fitness Model Nick Auger and his Workout Secrets

Male fitness models are becoming more high profile than ever. The fitness modeling industry is quite different from fashion modeling in the sense that it is geared towards marketing supplements and also magazines. Male models show off their perfectly sculpted bodies and help motivate others to get buff and healthy as well. The reason why male models are so inspiring is that they don’t use steroids to get results – they have lean and defined muscles. Their general weight is quite similar to that of a fashion model with 10% lower body fat. It is easier to become a fitness model than to get into the fashion industry.

Fitness models have to rely on their physique, diet plan and looks to get a job. They have to also maintain a strict schedule for training to keep in shape. Since this is a different niche, the money that male models in the fitness industry make is far less. Things have changed slightly over the last few years thanks to awareness about health and fitness. Many fitness models now offer advice and bring their expertise to personal website – one of the best known male models is Nick Auger. Here is how he worked to get in great shape. With determination and spirit, it is possible for anyone to have a great body as well.

Nick Auger measurements and size are – Height: 6’3″ Weight: 210

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nick auger fitness workout routine

Getting fit fast using the Nick Auger workout routine and diet plan

Nick Auger workout routine plan requires 4 days of dedicated time at the gym – more days the better. This routine will help you get strong fast and is a total body workout. Most of the exercises are compound movements – make sure to find out how much you can do for 3 of the most important strength exercises. This is important as it will help you not only gauge how strong you are but also get fitter in just 3 months.

  • First off, find your max for the Bench Press, Deadlifts and Squats. Work with a dedicated partner or better with a trainer so that you can get pushed to the limit. Use machines to do bench presses and other exercises so that you don’t get hurt when you are really pushing the limit. Take at least 5 minutes off between sets.

  • Cardio: This has to be done before you commence your workout with weights. It will depend on how active you have been during the day. 25-30 minutes is good if you have been sedentary. Moderate activity through the day should cut the time down to 10 or 15 minutes. The best way to burn fat is to do interval training on a treadmill.

  • Core exercises for strength and stability: These exercises are the most important – stability and strength training can be the focus. Add weights for core strength. Sit ups, planks and core twists are a good way to get sculpted.

Nick has no strict diet plan, he perfectly knows what food is needed for a fitness model and combines it in his everyday diet routine. The more protein the better. His main food rule “Supplements will never replace food”. Following his workout routine and diet plan will lead you to become as fit as desired fitness model.

nick auger great measurements

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