Alon Gabbay – and his Natural Bodybuilding Technique

Now aged 24, Alon Gabbay stepped into the field of fitness and workouts at the age of 17. He resides in Germany. Weighing around 187lbs, the fitness trainer is about 5’9. He is a former Mr. Olympia. He began his training for this at the age of 17 in 2005. Currently, his body fat content forms around 6% of his total weight.

The diet that he follows

According to Alon, it is the matter of diet where most beginners tend to commit a grave error. When he was starting out, he was no different in this regard. He would eat rather less in an effort to keep the caloric content to the minimum and focus all his attention on working out. However, he soon understood the requirements of his body and changed his approach since then.

He now believes that for the purpose of bodybuilding, it is important to include all the essential nutrients in one’s diet plan. Healthy fats, high-quality proteins and the right quotient of carbohydrates are among the nutrients that need to be included in the diet. According to the trainer, there is no fixed diet that should be followed by all. A number of factors play a role in deciding the type of diet that an individual needs to follow. The type of training you are undertaking, your body type, weight, the percentage of fats and metabolism are some of the factors that would decide the diet you should undertake. The diet plan that he follows and finds to be most effective is the keto diet.

Allon Gabbay eat clean diet

The prefered workout routine

According to Alon, it is important not to overstress yourself in your urge to attain a certain body figure. It is important to stay calm and for this purpose, meditation is something that he has highly recommended. He works out for around 45 to 60 minutes. 60 minutes is his upper limit beyond which he makes it a point not to continue. The workout routines that he does regularly include bench pressing 150kg for 1 rep (330lb), squatting 160kg for 6 reps (350lb), and deadlifting 200kg for 6reps (430lb). According to the trainer, if you are looking to build muscles and maintain lean mass, it is best to opt for sessions around 6-12 reps.

The fitness advice that he tends to give is that people need to eat healthy. Sleeping well is also rather important. One has to be disciplined with regards to his regime and refrain from breaking the rules. Above all, it is important not to be obsessive about the task. It is going to take some time, so you need to focus on your efforts alone. The results will thus follow.

He has been in the field for quite some time now and viewed it as his passion rather than a profession. The pride of attaining a hard and lean body at an early age keeps him going.

Allon Gabbay incrediable biceps size

Allon Gabbay at shape you fibo

Allon Gabbay workout training routine

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