Build Mass With The Best Weight Gainers

Weight gaining is important when you are trying to build muscles, because they help you get bigger muscles, if you don’t gain weight before you start working out, you will have lean muscles, which are a little better than a toned body. Some people gain the weight in an unhealthy fashion, eating all the junk and fatty foods that they like, while others use the safer method, which means using weight gaining supplements. To help out the people who are interested in finding the best weight gain supplements, we have gone through a lot of weight gainer reviews, to bring you the top 5 list of the best mass gainer supplements of 2016, and have listed powder below.


Optimum Nutrition Pro

Universal Nutrition Real

Dymatize Nutrition Elite

Optimum Nutrition Serious

Cytosport Gainer

#5 CytoSport Cyto Gainer Protein Drink Mix

cyto sport

This is a 96 ounce jar of protein mix, which contains glutamine, and is designed to heal and repair muscles after working out. The CytoSport mix has a complex carb source that is 96.5% sugar free, it also contains no simple sugars, no sucrose or fructose; it can be mixed with cold water or milk, and should be taken three times a day for maximum results. Unfortunately, CytoSport uses Splenda to flavor its supplement, while it doesn’t contain any calories, it makes the supplement taste funny to people who don’t like the taste of artificial sweeteners.

#4 Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

optimum nutrition

This weight gain supplement is enhanced with creatine and glutamine, so you don’t only gain weight, you can get muscles at the same time, because the creatine will provide you with the energy to work out daily, you will also pack on the weight quicker, because this supplement contains 1,250 calories in each serving. While this supplement will help you gain weight quickly, the taste isn’t very good.

#3 Dymatize Nutrition Elite Mass Gainer


This weight gainer gives you rapid muscle recovery and maximum growth, its glutamine rich protein provides the proper amino acid blend, and it uses a Zytrix technology, that allows you to eat maximum calories and proteins, without having to spend all day in the bathroom. This supplement is on the rather expensive side, but it is worth it if you want to gain some weight.

#2 Universal Nutrition Real Gains


This is a very strong supplement, created with the active athlete in mind; it has more calories, more protein, less sugar, more taste, and more fiber, which explains why it is one of the most popular supplements in the world. Using quality materials might be a problem for other companies because of the price, but it has never stopped Universal Nutrition from using the best products they can find to make their products. It is important not to substitute Real Gains for food, it is to supplement you regular meals.

#1 Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer

os pro series

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex a bigger version of the Serious Mass, and it weighs a little over 10 pounds. It has seven different sources of protein, which gives it the high level of calories per scoop, while helping you to get big, instead of getting fat. This is the most popular brand of weight gain supplements, because it is a quality product that is sold at a great price. So, if you are looking for the best weight gainer of 2015 into 2016, this is what you need!

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