The Best Creatine Monohydrate Supplement to Use When Working Out

Creatine is a great supplement to use when you want to build muscles, because it helps you build muscles quicker, it allows you to recover faster, and also add strength. The best thing about creatine is that it is naturally created in your body, and the supplements just help to boost the creatine levels in your body. Creatine helps in increasing protein synthesis in the body, which helps the muscles grow faster, which is why a lot of body builders love using it. In an effort to make it easier for you to find the best product to use when working out, we have gone through the top creatine reviews, and have come up with a list of the best creatine supplements in 2016. How to drink creatine?! It works great if you split it half as pre and post workout supplement.


Muscletech Cell Tech Performance

Promera Health Con-Cret

Universal Nutrition Creatine

Optimum Nutrition Creatine

Body Fortress Advanced HP

#5 Body Fortress Super Advanced HP

high performance

This fruit punch flavored supplement is loaded with quick digesting carbs and electrolytes, and it is designed to help speed up your recovery time when you are in training, while allowing you to do more reps when lifting, The supplement has three blends, the Triple Creatine Matrix, the BCAA Nitro Blend, and NOS Xtreme Blend, which allow you to perform at an even higher level. This supplement works very well, and is very well priced; making it one of the best brands out there, but, be ready to spend some time on the porcelain throne when you use it.

#4 Optimum Nutrition Creatine

creatine optimum nutrition

This is a highly concentrated creatine monohydrate that is pharmaceutical grade, and created for serious body builders. It is absorbed faster than a lot of the other supplements, it provides faster muscle recovery, and triples the amount of creatine your body naturally creates, to increase the size of your muscles, and increase your power. It is the highest quality of pure creatine monohydrate that follows all the federal guidelines and standards, you can find, and it gets the job done. You have to make sure you exercise regularly when taking this supplement, to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

#3 Universal Nutrition Creatine

Universal Nutrition

This is a German manufactured supplement that the makers claim is so pure, that it is the finest creatine powder in the world, and have patented it. Regardless of their boasts, the supplement is a very high quality creatine monohydrate that increases body mass and strength, while helping your muscles relax faster after a workout. With this supplement, you will need something strong to mix it in, because the taste takes some getting used to.

#2 Promera Health Con-cret, 48 Serve


This is a creatine hydrochloride that is designed for people who take their weight lifting seriously, and one of the few without any side effects, it promotes strength, endurance, muscle mass, and muscle recovery. It is on the pricier side of supplements, but the results you get when using it makes it worth it.

#1 Muscletech Cell Tech Performance Series Powder

the best

This is a great supplement from Muscletech, it is made with a hardgainer formula, with cell volumizing amino acids that help you improve the size of your muscles and their fullness, and tastes surprisingly good. This is the best creatine supplement available in 2016, because it actually works as advertised, which is a rare thing in a world where everybody claims to be the best.

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