Things That Men Should Know About Low Testosterone Symptoms

What you need to know about the male hormone?

Hormones are important to our body systems. Different hormones work on our digestion, growth and development, cell repair and maintenance, and many other important bodily functions. These hormones are secreted by respective glands or organs inside our body and these all help us become well from day to day. In men, the most common body hormone that we all know is the testosterone.

Testosterone is responsible for various functions like growth and development in male reproductive system, production of sperm, metabolism of fat, increase in bone density and muscle mass, and control of behavioral traits. But as the male individuals age, their testosterone levels may also drop. This would result to some physical and emotional changes that may eventually bring negative effects to their health. Below are some of the low testosterone symptoms you need to find out.

Signs that your testosterone level is relatively low:

  • Low in energy – often results to lower productivity in workplace
  • Frequently experiencing fatigue – results to lack of focus and sometimes sleeplessness
  • Emotional or behavioral changes – leads to a feeling of sadness or depression; in some cases, males have lower motivation and self-confidence
  • Hair loss – this could result to alopecia or even loss of hair in your beard area
  • Bone loss and muscle weakness – may lead to losing weight and higher risks for osteoporosis and other bone problems
  • Increase in body fat – low testosterone levels result to ineffective cholesterol metabolism
  • Decreased sexual drive – men experience reduced desire for sexual interaction, low libido, inability to fully erect (erectile dysfunction), and worse, infertility
  • Disturbances during sleep – some men would have insomnia or sleep apnea, causing them to experience fatigue

If you are suspecting yourself as suffering from any of the aforementioned low testosterone symptoms, the best way that you can do is to consult your doctor as soon as possible.Is it alarming? Is it something you should be worried about? Although experiencing some low testosterone symptoms is quite normal, there are certain instances when the testosterone drops and you might not feel well about yourself.

Decrease in low testosterone levels is part of men’s aging but it is best that you seek the help of urologist to help your well-being return to its normal state. Avoid making an assumption that you are suffering from such because it could be that the symptoms you are experiencing is a hint for other medical condition. The best way that you can do here is to consult a specialist and talk about your habits. Sometimes, alcohol intake or smoking can give you these symptoms. Moreover, you should not be ashamed or afraid when consulting because you have to do something to improve your wellness. Some men do not like to open up this kind of situation because it is sensitive or that they treat this overly personal.

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Ways to naturally increase your testosterone level:

Because the testosterone is produced in the body, there are actually ways for you to trigger its production. Here are some things that you can start doing to help yourself and your testosterone levels return to its normal state:

  • Improve your diet

Lessen your sugar intake and focus in food groups that are high in zinc. Hypogonadism is actually associated with zinc deficiency. Eat some nuts, legumes, seafood like crabs and lobsters, and whole grains.

  • Engage in exercise and other physical activities

Because fat metabolism gets low in capacity, you need to do exercise to burn the fat that has accumulated in your body. Jogging is the most basic thing that you can do from day to day.

  • Get yourself enough rest

Lack of sleep can cause your testosterone levels become relatively low. Refrain from doing late night activities and see to it that your body receives enough rest and right number of sleeping hours. While you are asleep, you are not only resting your mind and body. You also allow your entire body to recover and undergo repair.

  • Consult your doctor

Be open with what you feel or with what you want to do for yourself. Your doctor knows the most appropriate action for you. He will recommend necessary treatments for you to undergo.

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